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Pressure washing helps remove dirt. Like the dust accumulated inside your house, the outside of your house becomes dirty too. After years in the elements, the exterior surfaces of your home have collected mold, algae, and the many other forms of dirt and grime that causes everything on the outside to discolour and stain slowly. This occurs through a variety of natural and unnatural causes such as:

  • Construction dust and traffic
  • Storms and other natural causes
  • Ultraviolet light
  • Bird nests

Our Pressure Wash Service Has A Variety of Different Cleaning Options:

  • Low power wash – intense
  • Gentle wash with ecological soap
  • Preparation of wood surfaces

(All work uses environmentally friendly methods. Only high-efficiency equipment designed specifically for the job is used ensuring that water is not wasted when cleaning your home.)

Pressure washing takes years out of your home. Almost everything that remains outside the home can be pressure cleaned using Dickinson Pressure Washing’s services.

Do you own a building that requires special washing in order to regain its beautiful appearance? We are available to assist you. We are the specialist in the restoration of all surfaces. Thanks to qualified personnel and state-of-the-art equipment, we will restore your buildings’ full value.

  • The sides of your house
  • Gutters and downpipes
  • The soffits
  • Roofs (gentle washing for shingle roofs, weak power – intense for metal roofs)
  • The garage floor
  • Platforms, patios, and fences
  • Outdoor furniture

Different Types Of Cleaning

Washing of weak – intense power:

A weak – intense wash service from Dickinson Pressure Washing uses a high pressure, high efficiency washer to remove years of dirt from mold on exterior surfaces. All services are carried out in relation to the environment and water is used in the most efficient way to work as environmentally friendly as possible.

Gentle washing with ecological soap:

Only ecological soap is applied using soft brushes and lightly treated with high pressure washers from Dickinson Pressure Washing. This process is then completed by a low – intense wash of Dickinson Pressure Washing.

Preparation Of Wood Surfaces:

Use the high pressure washing services of Dickinson Pressure Washing Window Cleaning to wash or strip your wood surface outdoors in preparation for painting or staining. Our staff are well trained to use the correct pressure and distance themselves from all wood surfaces with regard to varying degrees of cleaning to ensure that no damage is caused.

Unique by its quality, its precision, its limited and controlled water consumption, its simplicity, high pressure washing in one of our Blue Elephant washing centers is recognized for the performance of its value for money.

High pressure is the freedom to choose your washing time, to insist on the dirtiest parts and to obtain a perfect wash with a minimum of water, without mechanical contact on the bodywork. This method of pressure cleaning your external siding is defined by an application of ecological detergents capable of degrading and then propelling a jet of water at high pressure which completely cleans any stain, graffiti and dirt. To take advantage of a complete outdoor cleaning service that is harmless to the environment, our products and our working technique follow categorical protocols regarding environmental respect.