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House washing is done for brick, aggregate, vinyl or aluminum. Depending on the covering material to be cleaned, we have different tips that allow us to adjust the pressure of the jet. Our equipment allows us to use hot water to obtain more power and better cleaning power.

Our instruments are equipped with rotating nozzles for more detailed work when the surfaces are not level as well as for doing a good job in the corners under the soffits and gutters. Also take advantage of our visit to have the outbuildings of the house washed: paving stones, sheds, pool sidewalk, etc.

  • Facade cleaning is an extremely important task to restore the appearance of new to any form of coating.
  • The cleaning of various materials for the facade of houses and buildings.
  • We are specialized in facade cleaning and we only use state-of-the-art equipment.
  • Cutting edge technology to achieve the best results.

Mostly, we work with high-pressure cleaning equipment in order to remove all the dirt that can be found on your exterior walls whether they are brick, aggregate, or vinyl. Whatever type of surface to clean, our company will do it with incredible efficiency!

Inspection Of The Facade To Be Cleaned

If your home has not had facade cleaning for many years, your facade may be damaged and even cracked by the accumulation of different debris from several pollutants that are found in the atmosphere. Since your house is important to you, we strongly advise you to bring a specialist so that they can assess your house facades to detect if there are cracks or brittleness, before cleaning. We invite you to bring in a specialist to give you a free estimate of the work to be done.

Professional facade cleaning is not as expensive as you might think. Washing, cleaning of high-pressure cement on the surfaces of your home is important. The house can keep its new appearance, hard materials such as stone, concrete, concrete paving as well as aggregate can be refurbished by our pressure cleaning service.

Washing Sidewalks And Cement Terraces

Cement floors become dirty and gums accumulate in the entrances of shopping centers and airports or simply on the street. Nothing is more effective than high pressure washing with hot water to refurbish all these surfaces in a jiffy. Whatever your cement cleaning project, one of our experts will be happy to provide you with a free estimate. Noble and luxurious materials, brick, stone or concrete pavers are popular and owners of prestigious residences want to maintain and clean them to preserve their beauty. It can be tempting to clean the brick of your house yourself, but a better solution. A light annual cleaning to remove cobwebs and dust is of course easy to carry out.

Where our expertise will be most useful to you, it is after 10 years if you want a real deep cleaning without damaging your masonry. Overly daring amateur cleaning can be a nightmare. If you would like to have your home washed, ask our experts. We can certainly help you in this area.